Let´s be honest, India can be pretty rough for a woman travelling on her own. There is a reason people call it hard-core backpacking. So to find a little western enclave, like Mysore, can happen to be exactly what you crave for to get the comfort and ease you need while travelling through this colorful and enriching country. Yogi’s from all over the world seem to have the same idea and locate themselves in one the, for Indian senses, luxurious guesthouses to get a month of full-on ashtanga practice. And off course all this transformational work need some illuminating fuel and that’s where these elevating cafes and foodbars come in.


On the mainroad near Aadithya Adhikari Hospital you’ll find this lovely little coffeebar with goodpriced healthy lunches and a laidback vibe. The staff is really helpful and provide you with all needed comforts. It’s a good place to read a book.


Depth N Green
This cosy little place pulls you in immediately. It is the hangout place of lots of yogi’s discussing their difficulties, break-through’s and new insights on the mat. Accompanied with a green smoothie of a veggie bean burger you can spend here your whole afternoon reading some of the vibe-uplifting books, watching interesting people and sharing global thoughts.


With it’s graceful garden, this radiant lunchspot enables you to sink in creating your own inner-outer zone without even be aware of the drifty asana-talks beside you. Do you want more privacy? These little rooms inside provide you to be more on your own.


Maybe you are not immediately able to find it, knowing that it’s located in a normal house. And similar to more café’s in Mysore, it feels more like a living room then a restaurant. The cushions enable you to be comfortable enjoying your fresh-made breakfast. With her nutritious knowledge, the lady of the house can provide you with some funded advice concerning foodhabits.


The Green Lotus guesthouse
This colorful guesthouse run by this very interesting lady, is definitely a good place to create a peaceful base in Mysore. With its comfortable facilities, proper ambiance and soothing interior you will experience a welcoming and very safe home.


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