If I wanted to join a ‘BaDi’ danceclass? Well after meeting a few of those delightful shiny retreat folks around Gaia beach, a loud and clear YES was out before I knew! So there I was, with a pocket full of natural tension, standing in front of this imposant event-location at Gaia’s beach resort (Tejakula). The big open space, with its high ceiling and marble dancefloor filled up with the rough sounds of the colossal waves; it felt quite intimidating.

Dina it is!
And there she is. Dina. Our teacher. And however the 25 Seatlle’n dancers are lovely, it’s this charismatic and proficient women who immediately holds space. With a beautiful smile she invites us to walk around the room and consciously connect with the earth below. Yes I’m here girl, you have me! And there we go, Madonna’s ‘who’s that girl’ pops up and instantaneously my danceheart opens being infected by this incredible ecstatic vibes this Dina pumps out of her system!

Apparently she channels music before session starts and that explains the spotless flow in her physical and spiritual ‘oasis’. When her highlight medley keeps on elevating our ecstasy, tears are hitting my eyes. An overdoses happiness fulfills me. Yes this is profound satisfaction and yes this a highly recommended way to get into flawless shape!

Thank you Dina, thank you dancers, you ROCK!

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