It´s a treasure. In a small village called Tejakula, a pursuit of happiness is being safely kept from mass tourism. 4 years ago a phrase in a book led me towards this resort and I’m still loving every inch of it. And though the magical setting is mind-blowing with every little detail minuscule precised, it’s something else what distinguish this place from all the others. 



In 1989 there was this vision. Sabine Willard, an Avatar trainer from Germany, saw herself sitting among a large group of people in beautiful natural surrounding, with soft slopes, trees and mild air. It happened to be the beginning of what now is called Gaia Oasis. Over the years Sabine found herself a group of women who shared the same unconditional intention of supporting healing and awakening this planet. With everybody contributing wholeheartedly and unselfishly, natural and relaxed, moving from their own authentic and most beautiful self, the foundation of this hidden secret founded herself.



The fact that this Oasis is a non-profit organization implies the profound intention with not only the purpose to heal this planet, but also being a great support of local community. The enormous ‘garden’ where Gaia is surrounded with is fulfilled with fruit and veggie tress which are being maintained by local farmers. They get education in how they could farm in a bio-organic way and use this knowledge for their own land. Just to name one of their numerous initiatives.


High vibration

More than once I experienced true happiness in my complete being which, in my opinion, has a lot to do with the intense energy this place capture. When I entered my guestroom a few days ago, I really had a hard time keeping myself grounded. My cravings for food alert me of the high vibration of this place which I, thanks to my integrated ‘toolpack’, was able to merge rapidly into my system so I could experience the great fulfilling pleasure of this strong lifeforce.


What can I say. Words, or not even pictures can capture the true beauty of this ‘little’ peace of heaven, you have to experience it for yourself!


Gaia Oasis
Tejakula (Bali)





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